Date: January 27-28, 2023

Scientific Presentation Awards At SALSI 2023

Presentation awards are given with the intention of recognizing one’s contribution to the field and encouraging more active participation for the betterment of the research fraternity as a whole.

Each and every presentation is evaluated by two evaluators and the average mark of both evaluators is taken as the final mark. The final decisions will be taken by the evaluation panel members of the Conference Committee.

Below criteria are taken into consideration for this award and marks are given out of 100.

  • Content of the presentation (45%)
  • Clarity and flow of the Presentation (20%)
  • Novelty /contribution to the field (25%)
  • Timing (10%)

Presentation Award Categories

The awards are given to the most outstanding researchers of the conference under four categories (This can be changed).

  • The Overall Best  Presentation Award
  • The Best Poster Presentation Award
  • The Best Student Presentation Award
  • Session’s Best Presentation Award

Mode of Oral Presentations



  • Participants should record the Presentation in zoom.
  • The Presenter should record the 10 Minutes Video Presentation and send it to us as a single video at by January 10, 2023
  • The Organizing Committee will play the Video in your Presentation Slot.



  • Posters should be one-page A4 size Image JPEG/PNG format only 
  • All Posters will be uploaded on the Conference Website before the conference.
  • The approved and completed poster should be sent to the Conference Committee by January 10 2023
  • Participants should record the 5 mins audio for the Poster Presentation and send it to us at along with the poster image as separate email attachments