Date: January 27-28, 2023


The International Saliva Summit Of India 2023 is the 5th Edition of the successful conferences on saliva diagnostics, research and therapeutics organized by Indian Academy For Clinical & Dental Genetics (an initiative of KROYNAS Pvt. Ltd.). SALSI is an Annual Conference started in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India (SALSI 2019). After its initiation, one conference was held in NIAS, Indian Institute Of Sciences (IISc) Campus, Bengaluru,Karnataka, India (SALSI 2020). Given the Covid-19 Pandemic situation, SALSI 2021 and SALSI 2022 were held as online virtual Conferences. Today, the high standards, impact, and quality of the SALSI conferences are recognized internationally by saliva researchers, scientists, industry personnel, clinical practitioners and scholars from different fields of lifesciences, medical, dental and healthcare fraternities.

Conference Tracks

Topics of Interest for Submission include, but are not limited to:

  • 360 degree of Saliva Diagnostics

  • Genome Sequencing, Saliva & Disease Diagnosis

  • Salivaomics in Cancer Biology

  • Saliva Liquid Biopsy

  • Saliva Therapeutics

  • Saliva Collection Device Development

  • Oral Microbiome Analysis

  • Gut Microbiome Analysis

  • Oral-Systemic Link & Saliva Research

  • Saliva & Neurodegenerative Disorder

  • Sports Medicine & Saliva Diagnostics

  • Environmental Toxicology & Saliva Diagnostics

  • Saliva Diagnostics In Addiction Biology

  • Food Technology & Saliva Diagnostics

  • Infectious Disease Biology & Saliva

  • Biochemical Analysis of Saliva

  • Biophysical Attributes of Saliva

  • Oral Pathologies & Saliva Diagnostics

  • Saliva Diagnostics in Autism

  • Lifestyle Disorders: Saliva Diagnosis & Therapeutics

  • Forensic Genomics

Abstract Submission and Deadline

Submissions Closed